And Now...

Our unique Features over the years.

We have been in operation for the past twenty four years having our registered office at No. 1 Ugbonhan Street, Efon – Alaaye, Ekiti State, Nigeria – West Africa. This remains the registered office of Sunbeam Microfinance Bank which is poised to serve Efon - Alaaye Local Government area with over one hundred and fifty thousand (150,000) rural dwellers in the extreme western part of Ekiti State who are predominantly farmers, petty traders, artisans and civil servants.

We already has a history of providing financial services to the active poor, low and medium income earners. Such services have been provided to peasant farmers, market traders and small scale petroleum dealers. With these services already on ground, the evolution of Efon - Alaaye Community Bank to Sunbeam Microfinance Bank has further enhanced the Bank`s ability to develop more products to meet the needs of the target groups which would otherwise remain un-served.

Our Objectives And Core Values


• To develop products for different segments of the target market, thus enhancing product simplicity and customers retention.

• To work with trained and skilled staff in order achieve efficiency in service delivery.

• To provide financial services to micro entrepreneurs in order to grow their businesses, alleviate poverty and encourage wealth creation.

• To provide businesses development services such as trainings and group linkages in order to grow the businesses of our targeted customers.


• Prudence

• Reliability

• Integrity

• Courteousness

• Equity